Central Vacuum Cleaner Air Performance

The laboratory conditions test described in a new ASTM International standard will be used by manufacturers to determine the sustained air performance and exhaust emissions of a central vacuum cleaner. F2826, Test Method for Evaluating the Sustained Air Performance and Exhaust Emissions of Central Vacuum Cleaning Units, was developed by Subcommittee F11.22 on Air Performance, part of ASTM International Committee F11 on Vacuum Cleaners.

Darrell Nieschwitz, engineering manager, H-P Products Inc., and an F11 member, notes that central vacuums have high sustained air performance, with large, powerful motors and a large dirt capacity. F2826 will test how vacuum performance will be affected after multiple vacuuming events over an extended period of time. Manufacturers will use the standard to ensure that their products can be rated for consumers to select a product that meets their needs and price point.

F2826 will aid manufacturers in determining how well their products will perform over time, identify areas in which they may be able to improve their designs and provide sensible advertising claims based on an industry test.

All interested parties are welcome to participate in the development F11.22 standards. The subcommittee maintains four air performance standards and is also developing WK18687, Test Method for Evaluating Air Performance Characteristics of Battery Powered Vacuum Cleaners.To purchase ASTM standards, visit www.astm.org and search by the standard designation, or contact ASTM Sales (phone: 877-909-ASTM; sales@astm.org).

CONTACT Technical Information: Darrell Nieschwitz, H-P Products Inc. • Louisville, Ohio • Phone: 330-875-5556, ext. 2272 | ASTM Staff: Diane Trinsey • Phone: 610-832-9661 | Upcoming Meeting: May 5-8 • May Committee Week • Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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