Circular Economy for Plastics

ASTM International’s committee on plastics (D20) is developing a proposed standard that will support recovery and recycling of plastics through a circular economy. 

The proposed standard (WK87117) will cover general guidance, requirements, and terms and definitions to assist in the development, manufacture, and recovery of plastics within a circular flow of resources. The proposed standard will cover plastics, components, compounding ingredients, inputs, and all materials associated with the manufacture and recovery of plastic.

“In order to get to a sustainable future, we will need the approaches embedded in a circular economy, one which prioritizes the continued use of resources, rather than the linear economy used today,” says ASTM member Julia Farber. “As with any new initiatives, the plastics field will use a variety of new terms and definitions that require standardization. The proposed standard will support that end.” 

Farber, a senior strategic manager at Eastman, notes that once terms have been standardized, then additional standards on recycling, reusability, design, and other topics can be developed. 

ASTM’s plastics committee invites recyclers, haulers, waste managers, sustainability, plastics, and chemistry professionals to join in developing the proposed standard. Committee D20 will be discussing this proposed standard during its meetings on Nov. 6-8 during the ASTM committee week in Washington, D.C. 

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