Classifying Microbe-Based Products

ASTM International’s industrial biotechnology committee (E62) is developing a proposed standard (soon to be published as E3214) that will help classify microorganisms.

“The designation of microbe-based products as either genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or not is too simplistic,” said ASTM International member Joseph McAuliffe, senior principal scientist at DuPont Industrial Biosciences. “This standard will give customers of the biotechnology industry, the general public, and regulators more information on the composition and intended uses for a given product.”

According to McAuliffe, the proposed standard will help biotech industry customers compare product options while also helping regulators determine how to classify new types of microbial products. 

”Since microbe-based products are already well-established across many markets impacted by industrial biotechnology, this standard supports a number of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,” said ASTM International industrial biotechnology chair William Armiger, president, BioChemInsights. “It will stimulate practical solutions utilizing technology and knowledge that address the complex issues of environmental, economic, societal and ethical considerations necessary for implementing UN SDGs related to human health, hunger, energy, water, sustainable cities, and climate change.”

The committee welcomes participation in the development of the proposed standard. Become a member of ASTM.

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