Cleaning and Sanitation of Exoskeletons

A proposed ASTM International standard will provide a guide for cleaning and sanitizing exoskeletons used in the clinical environment. ASTM’s exoskeletons and exosuits committee (F48) is developing the proposed standard.

Considerations covered in the proposed standard include, but are not limited to, biomatter, dirt, and perspiration collection. The guide will describe the process of critical cleaning for clinical exoskeletons for reduction of antimicrobial cultivation. 

“Exoskeleton technology within the clinical field is becoming more frequent,” says ASTM International member Matthew Dickinson. “This guide is aimed at both clinicians and manufacturers. If an exoskeleton is being used for rehabilitation, maintaining a sanitized environment is vital to the patient’s recovery.”

Dickinson says that the proposed guide (WK77596) will introduce procedures for maintaining the standardization of an exoskeleton system. The proposed guide, which is based on other ASTM standards for cleaning medical devices, will also help exoskeleton designers find ways to minimize necessary cleaning time.  

For more information on ASTM International standards for exoskeletons and exosuits, please watch this video.

Dickinson notes that the maintenance and disposal subcommittee (F48.04) developing the proposed standard is actively seeking new members. “This is a very exciting area for development,” says Dickinson. “The proposed cleaning standard is just one of what could be many standards that could be developed by this subcommittee.”  

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