Clothing Storage Units Standard

ASTM International’s furniture safety subcommittee (F15.42) has approved several revisions to ASTM’s specification for clothing storage units (CSU) (F2057).

“The recent revisions to F2057 were a collaboration between manufacturers, consumers, testing labs and others to take into account real world use of the products and to increase the safety of clothing storage units,” says Richard Rosati, subcommittee chair and vice president of governmental affairs and industry standards at Bureau Veritas.

The specification is intended to address hazards associated with tipover of free-standing clothing storage units, including but not limited to chests, chests of drawers, drawer chests, armoires, chifferobes, bureaus, door chests, and dressers, which are 27 in. (686 mm) or greater in height, 30 lb (13.6 kg) or greater in mass, and contain 3.2 ft3 (90.6 dm3) or greater of enclosed storage volume. The following changes are reflected in the latest revision of the standard:

  • Safety alert symbol and warning placement on the product to ensure conspicuity.
  • Height measurements when adjustable feet are included.
  • Storage volume requirements to replace nightstands.
  • Interlocking drawer elements for drawers, doors, or shelves.
  • Test apparatus to reflect a 60 lb. weight from the 50 lb. weight previously used.
  • Three new distinct test methods to simulate clothing load in CSU, dynamic force on CSU, and reaction on carpet. 

Subcommittee F15.42 is under the jurisdiction of ASTM’s customer products committee (F15).

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