Composite Pressure Vessels

ASTM International’s nondestructive testing committee (E07) is developing a proposed standard that will cover composite pressure vessels used for storing and transporting gas at high pressure.

According to ASTM member James Mitchell, the most prominent use for the vessels described in the proposed standard (WK86721) is for natural gas virtual pipelines, in which gas is transported from the well to a distribution center without the need for constructing a dedicated pipeline.

The vessels are also used to store and transport hydrogen that is produced by solar and wind farms.

Mitchell notes that the proposed standard will be helpful in requalifying certain containers that are used for hydrogen fuel cells that power cars, trucks, and air flasks used by firemen. Requalifying such containers may extend their service life.

“Transportation and storage of hydrogen is an integral part of sustainability efforts,” says Mitchell.

Regulators, researchers, users, and manufacturers of composite pressure vessels are invited to participate in the development of the proposed standard.

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