Container Availability

ASTM International’s digital information in the supply chain committee (F49) is developing a new standard on communication of container availability across global supply chains.

Through technical specifications including unique digital load identifiers linked with containers, this practice will make communication across global supply chains more seamless and cover both import and export scenarios.

According to ASTM International member Jaco Voorspuij, getting stakeholders on the same page regarding container availability at various stages of transportation will make for a smoother and faster flow of goods.

“This new recommended practice will establish a logical, harmonized industry ‘best practice’ that will enable seamless communication of container availability across global supply chains,” notes Voorspuij. “Due to lack of a common understanding of the term ‘container availability,’ many issues arise. The new recommended practice will help to achieve the necessary common understanding across the supply chain. The intent of the work is to leverage existing standards where feasible and create new ones only where required.”

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