Cook-and-Hold Ovens

Cook-and-hold ovens allow users to cook food at one temperature and then hold it at a preprogrammed lower temperature. Steakhouses, schools and hotels are among the establishments that use such ovens. A new ASTM International standard, F3051, Test Method for Performance of Cook-and-Hold Ovens, will be used to gauge oven energy usage.

"Since many cook-and-hold units run overnight, end users are interested in how much energy is used while slow cooking for 12 and more hours," says ASTM member Andre Saldivar, product/project manager, Southern California Edison Foodservice Technology Center. "The standard will demonstrate and list the amount of energy to preheat a unit on a daily basis, what energy an oven expends in cooking and hold modes, and what type of production capacity they can get from a typical unit."

In addition to end users, manufacturers and third party testing laboratories will run F3051 tests and provide resulting data to customers. Public utilities and the Energy Star program will also find data generated from F3051 helpful to potentially develop a specification and an energy efficiency incentive program for cook-and-hold ovens.

F3051 is under the jurisdiction of Subcommittee F26.06 on Productivity and Energy Protocol, part of ASTM International Committee F26 on Food Service Equipment. F26.06 is currently looking for manufacturers of cook-and-hold ovens to run tests or send in units for testing to help build a robust database for this category of oven. The subcommittee also plans to develop a similar standard for re-thermalization ovens. All interested parties are encouraged to participate.

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