Cyanide Management

A new ASTM International standard will be referenced by the International Cyanide Management Code as a guide to ASTM standards related to cyanide management.

D7728, Guide for Selection of ASTM Analytical Methods for Implementation of International Cyanide Management Code Guidance, was developed by Subcommittee D19.06 on Methods for Analysis for Organic Substances in Water, part of ASTM International Committee D19 on Water.

The International Cyanide Management Code covers the practical handling of cyanide from production, transportation to processing sites and design of cyanide facilities (including detoxification), to storage and release of cyanide-containing processing waters. D7728 will provide code users with guidance on the selection of ASTM analytical methods used to measure cyanide concentrations in solution. The test methods referenced in D7728:

  • Control and optimize the use of cyanide in the gold leaching process;
  • Protect wildlife when solutions are released into open impoundment facilities;
  • Define the cyanide concentration in process solutions used to select proper personal protective equipment; and
  • Protect human health and aquatic wildlife from environmental releases in water and groundwater discharges.

"Recent work in the development of improved methods, identification and elimination of interferences for measuring cyanide in metallurgical solutions has been a large and ongoing effort by the ASTM D19.06 cyanide task group," says William Lipps, market specialist, OI Analytical, and chairman of the task group that developed D7728. "It is the intention of D19.06 to update D7728 as method improvements applicable to the metallurgical processing industry are completed."

D7728 will help users, regulatory agencies and the international community to select the proper cyanide methods for the intended purpose in analysis of metallurgical processing solutions. The new standard will also provide guidance in sampling, preservation and interpretation of results.

D19.06 welcomes the participation of all interested members in its standards developing work. The task group that developed D7728 is considering a new standard for the extraction and analysis of cyanide in solid waste and mine rock and is seeking participants to test the proposed method on field samples and to assist in ongoing development.

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