Design Guidance for Powder Bed Fusion for Metals

A new ASTM International standard will provide advice for designers considering building parts using the powder bed fusion for metals (PBF-LB) process. ASTM’s additive manufacturing committee (F42) developed the standard, which will soon be published as F3530.

According to ASTM International member Farhan Khan, the new guide provides an overview of the most commonly used post-processing operations, challenges in carrying out those operations, and best practices on how to address these challenges.

“In spite of the rapidly growing interest from the industry in laser powder-bed fusion for metals (PBF-LB), there is a lack of guidance on how and why post-processing is carried out leading to inefficient designs, expensive post-processing, high non-conformity, and scrap rates,” says Khan. “This standard provides specific guidance on how to design a component to ensure it can be effectively post-processed for operations such as powder removal, thermal post-processing, build plate removal, support removal, machining, and surface finishing.” 

Khan says the new standard will be most useful to designers and engineers who are considering laser powder bed fusion of parts. Additionally, managers and decision-makers who are considering the use of PBF-LB in their organization or supply chain will benefit from the standard. 

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