Effectiveness of Antimicrobial Wipes

ASTM International’s pesticides, antimicrobial agents, and alternative control agents committee (E35) has developed a standard test method for antimicrobial towelettes (wipes).

The method, designated E3363, provides a way to quantitatively determine effectiveness of antimicrobial wipes in treating hard, non-porous surfaces against certain bacteria.

According to ASTM International member Rebecca Pines, the test method will be broadly useful.

“The method may be used by antimicrobial towelette manufacturers, registrants, and testing laboratories to assess product efficacy during product development and/or registration testing,” notes Pines, branch chief at OPP Microbiology Laboratory, part of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. “Regulatory bodies may use the method to evaluate antimicrobial claims for these types of products.”

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