Emerging Cementitious Materials

ASTM International’s concrete and concrete aggregates committee (C09) is developing a proposed standard specification for a broad range of supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs).

According to ASTM International member Larry Sutter, this performance specification (WK70466) will ease the adoption of new materials used for SCMs as established sources become less available.

“For a variety of reasons, historic sources of SCMs, like coal fly ash from electric power generation, are in short supply and new materials are emerging,” says Sutter, principal engineer at Sutter Engineering. “These new materials do not fall under existing specifications, leading to the need for new specifications. Rather than writing a new specification for every emerging material, we are writing a performance specification that can be used to cover the full range of them.”

Sutter further notes that concrete made with SCMs can be less costly, more durable, and more sustainable than just traditional portland cement. New specifications will allow these new materials into more construction projects.

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