Epoxy Coating Technology

ASTM International’s steel, stainless steel and related alloys committee (A01) is developing a proposed standard on new epoxy coating technology that will be used to protect reinforcing steel from corrosive environments. 

According to ASTM member David Darwin, epoxy coatings are used to protect reinforcing steel from corrosive environments, such as structures subject to chlorides. Such structures include highway bridges on which deicing chemicals are applied and reinforced concrete structures near the ocean. 

“One current drawback of coatings is they reduce the bond strength between reinforcing steel and concrete,” says Darwin. “This lower bond strength requires designers to use longer lengths to anchor coating reinforcing steel within concrete. The textured coatings covered in the proposed standard will provide a bond strength to concrete that is the same as provided by conventional reinforcing steel.”

ASTM member Anthony Del Percio of Sherwin-Williams points out that “Another key issue is that coatings are susceptible to damage during on-site handling and placement. In addition to improved bond strength, textured coatings provide improved damage tolerance compared to existing epoxy coatings used in the reinforcing industry.”

Textured epoxy-coated reinforcing steel described in the proposed standard (WK82639) will be of interest to building and bridge designers, departments of transportation, and building owners. Darwin notes that shorter lengths can be used to better anchor reinforcement with an epoxy coating within concrete. 

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