Evaluation of Cavity Wall Facades

A proposed standard will be used to support the periodic assessment of cavity wall facades. ASTM’s committee on the performance of buildings (E06) is developing the standard.

In cavity wall facades, a grid of wall ties provides lateral restraint between the exterior veneer and the back-up wall. The proposed guide will support stability assessments of such facades.

According to ASTM member Michael Petermann, founding principal, MPA: Forensic Architecture and Administration, “The objective of the proposed standard is to arrive at an evaluation methodology that includes a review of past performance, review of codes under which the facade was constructed, a survey of tie distribution, and sample load testing performed in the field.”

Petermann notes that the proposed standard (WK73254) is being written for generic use but will be most helpful to architects, engineers, contractors, code officials, and building owners.

ASTM’s committee on the performance of buildings welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member of ASTM.

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