Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Building Repairs

ASTM International’s composite materials committee (D30) is developing a proposed standard that will be used in the inspections of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite repairs to buildings and other civil structures.

There are a number of overlapping standards and codes on FRP inspections. The proposed standard (WK74694) will include the applicable current industry references, standards, and codes into one specification for the inspection of externally bonded FRP applications to concrete, masonry, and steel substrates/infrastructure. 

The proposed specification will be an inspection standard providing uniformity of the entire process and procedures for different applications, as well as consistency with the inspection process.

The proposed standard will be used by specification writers, engineers, and contractors who plan and conduct inspections of FRP composite repairs.

The proposed standard will aid in improving rehabilitation efforts for water treatment and distribution assets. It will also help to extend useful service life and reduce life cycle cost, by rehabilitation and strengthening of aging structures, using innovative technology. 

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