First Water Sports Standard

A new ASTM International standardized test method for fiber rope aims to support safety and performance of ropes used to tow inflatable recreational equipment behind boats. The snow and water sports committee approved the new standard (soon to be published as F3410).

According to ASTM International member Bethany Suderman, the standard can help various manufacturers test their ropes in the same way. 

“Water sports equipment manufacturers and associations like the Water Sports Industry Association will benefit most from the new standard,” said Suderman, an engineer at Guidance Engineering. “Testing laboratories and consumers will also benefit, because the standard will help support safer equipment.”

This is the first standard published by the water sports equipment subcommittee (F27.80). The group is developing additional standards on linear deformation and breaking strength of water skis, the mounting area of wakeboard bindings, and other areas.

Suderman says the group is seeking more participation from anyone interested in standards related to materials used to manufacture water sports equipment, such as ropes, nylon materials, webbing, and stitching.  Those who use such standards for recreation or in the recreational industry are also welcome to join, she adds.

Become a member of ASTM. The next meeting of the ASTM International snow and water sports committee is Jan. 28 in Denver, Colorado, USA.

To purchase standards, contact ASTM International customer relations (tel +1.877.909.ASTM;

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