Forensic Examination Case Review

A proposed new ASTM International standard will provide procedures to be used by professionals conducting case reviews of forensic examinations. WK23009, Guide for Case Review of Forensic Examinations, is currently being developed by Subcommittee E30.11 on Interdisciplinary Forensic Science Standards, part of ASTM International Committee E30 on Forensic Sciences.

"The reports of all forensic examiners, whether they are criminalists, chemists, engineers, document examiners or from other specialties, are subject to review both for administrative purposes or technical review," says John DeHaan, Ph.D., an independent forensic scientist and an E30 member. DeHaan says the proposed practice will provide current informaton on the nature of reviews, the materials required and the methods by which they should be carried out.

Forensic scientists, engineers and legal counsel will be able to use the proposed standard, once it has been approved, as an outline for conducting administrative or technical case reviews in the usual course of their work. The proposed standard will address the differences between types of reviews, their strengths and their limitations.

DeHaan notes that members of the general public will most often encounter the procedures contained in WK23009 when acting as jurors in civil or criminal cases, or when involved as a client in legal proceedings that include a forensic expert report.

All interested parties are invited to join in the standards developing activities of E30.11.

CONTACT Technical Information: John DeHaan, Ph.D. • Phone: 707-643-4672 | ASTM Staff: Robert Morgan • Phone: 610-832-9732

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