Fuel Container Standard Proposed as National Standard of Canada

An ASTM International standard for flame mitigation devices on disposable fuel containers, published by the consumer products committee (F15), is being proposed as a National Standard of Canada (NSC). 

The standard, F3429/F3429M, is being proposed as a National Standard of Canada under the auspices of the Standards Council of Canada, of which ASTM International is accredited. The Canadian public, and all members of the public, are invited to provide feedback on the suitability of this standard to address Canadian safety issues.  

“We know that flame jetting is a very serious phenomenon that occurs when pouring flammable liquids near open flames or other ignition sources,” said Scott Ayers, ASTM member and voluntary standards specialist at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). “Technologies such as flame arrestors are known to help prevent this from happening.” 

The standard helps ensure such containers are equipped to resist an external flame that could cause a flame jetting event. According to Ayers, the addition of the NSC label will help further demonstrate the relevance and importance of this safety standard throughout the world. 

Ayers notes the standard ensures a basic level of resistance to flame jetting, protecting the health and safety of consumers. In addition, manufacturers, retailers, consumers, hospitals, and first responders will benefit from this new standard specification.

ASTM International is accepting comments on the standard through August 31, 2021. Information on the process for submitting comments can be found HERE.   

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