Furniture Safety Standard Revised

Today, members of the ASTM International consumer products committee (F15) approved a revision to the existing voluntary safety specification for clothing storage units. The revision, which includes updates to height requirements and labeling, aims to help address furniture tipover concerns, according to members of the subcommittee on furniture safety.

Specifically, the new revision lowers the height to include units 27 inches tall and above (previously 30 inches and above). The update also modifies label language on risk of tipovers and use of wall restraints, and adds graphics showing that televisions should not be placed on top of units.

ASTM International is expediting this revision, which is on track for final approval and publication within the next two months.

“Our commitment remains to providing an open, consensus-based process that welcomes everyone to participate in voluntary standards development,” says Katharine Morgan, ASTM International president. “This includes consumer advocates, representatives from government and testing laboratories, manufacturers, retailers, and other stakeholders.”

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