Hayride Safety Standard

ASTM International’s committee on amusement rides and devices (known as F24) has developed a standard for requirements for hayride attractions. The new voluntary standard (soon to be published as F3168) will apply to hayrides meant for entertainment, recreation, or agritourism.

“Hayrides can be a lot of fun, but we can do more to create a culture of safety,” said Randy Bates, owner of Agritainment, Inc, and a member of the committee. “We came together and reached consensus on a voluntary standard in order to create some basic tenets that help ensure a safe, enjoyable experience.”

According to Bates, the standard will help provide a level of conformity to reduce potential hazards to patrons, attendants, actors, and spectators. He says the standard covers many aspects of hayride attractions, including operations, safety, design, maintenance, and documentation.

In addition to hayride attraction operators and managers, Bates says the standard could be of use to local governments and authorities who have jurisdiction over hayrides as well as code enforcement officials.

For more information on ASTM International’s amusement rides and devices committee, please WATCH THIS VIDEO.

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