Healing Skin Wounds

A proposed ASTM International standard seeks to define terminology for description of cellular and/or tissue-based products (CTPs) for skin wounds based on their composition.

The proposed standard (WK43184, Classification of Cellular and/or Tissue-Based Products (CTPs) for Skin Wounds) will provide a much-needed common language for healthcare providers, payers, researchers and manufacturers, and will include definitions related to skin wounds and chronic skin ulcers that are difficult to find elsewhere in a single document.

"Development of this proposed classification standard has been a multi-year, collaborative effort among a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders, with representatives from clinical medicine, scientific research, industry and government," commented ASTM member and workgroup leader Dr. Charles Drueck of the Swedish Covenant Hospital Wound Center. "The resulting new standard has been designed to accommodate the rapid evolution of innovative technologies –– including those in the regenerative medicine arena –– that have the potential to dramatically reshape our approach to disease, generally, and wound healing, specifically."

WK43184 is being developed by an ASTM subcommittee (F04.41) that is focused on developing standards for tissue engineered medical products (TEMPs). All interested parties are invited to join in the activities of F04.41.

CONTACT Technical Information: Charles Drueck, M.D., Swedish Covenant Hospital Wound Center • Glenview, Ill. • tel +1.847.612.8335 | ASTM Staff: Pat Picariello • tel +1.610.832.9720 | Upcoming Meeting: May 3-6 • May Committee Week • San Antonio, Texas

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