The Heat Is On

A new ASTM International standard will help evaluate the potential for elevated temperature in plastic siding based on color. This will help manufacturers and buyers of siding used for building both homes and businesses.

While another ASTM standard (D4803, Test Method for Predicting Heat Buildup in PVC Building Products) is currently being used to do this, the new standard will provide a faster and less expensive alternative.

Rather than directly evaluating temperature rise, the new standard (D7990, Test Method for Using Reflectance Spectra to Produce an Index of Temperature Rise in Polymeric Siding) produces an index of the relative degree of heat absorption of the color system, which is a non-dimensional intensity factor.

Specifically, the test method uses reflectance spectra from ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared rays to create an index of the temperature rise that occurs due to the siding absorbing the sun's energy.

Siding manufacturers and color producers will use the new standard to evaluate temperature rise of current and proposed colors. The siding covered in the standard includes vinyl and polypropylene products.

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