Heat Treatment Verification for Aluminum Alloys

ASTM International’s nondestructive testing committee (E07) is developing a proposed standard that will guide the process of electrical conductivity tests for verification of heat treatment of aluminum alloys.

The proposed standard (WK86698) contains procedures for verifying aluminum alloy heat treatment by means of eddy current techniques, which measure electrical conductivity. Aluminum alloy heat treatment can be verified when electrical conductivity measurements are used in conjunction with hardness measurements.

According to ASTM member Adam Barrett, a nondestructive inspection engineer at the Air Force Research Laboratory, the proposed standard will be used for nondestructive testing, metallurgy quality control, manufacturing, and failure analysis purposes.  

The proposed standard is based on U.S. military standard MIL-STD 1537 and supports ongoing efforts to convert MIL-STDs into industry approved standards when applicable. 

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