Help Needed to Develop Spaceport Standard

ASTM International’s commercial spaceflight committee (F47) invites all interested parties to participate in the development of a proposed guide for the standardization and classification of spaceports. 

There is currently no standard that describes the capabilities, features and limits of rocket launch sites known as spaceports. Information that is available is often found in different formats from one spaceport to another, making it difficult to compare. 

The proposed standard (WK74068) will provide guidelines for the operators of a spaceport to provide information in a common format that covers non-proprietary information about the spaceport. According to ASTM International member Mark Greby, this information includes standardized language and description of spaceports.

Rocket launch operators, spaceports owners and operators, as well as local, state and federal governments will be the primary users of the proposed standards. 

Greby notes the committee would like more participation from both people with horizontal rocket launch and those with horizontal/vertical rocket landings and recovery. 

For more information on ASTM International’s commercial spaceflight standards, watch this VIDEO.

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member of ASTM.

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