High-Energy Radiography

ASTM International’s nondestructive testing committee (E07) has approved a new standard that will allow quality assurance for use of high-energy x-rays in a variety of medical and industrial applications. The new standard will soon be published as E3388.

“The new standard will be used to determine basic spatial resolution and unsharpness of high-energy film radiographs or digital radiographs,” says ASTM member Dr. Uwe Ewert. “It is also used to qualify new digital detectors as DDA or CR imaging plates.”

According to Ewert, the new standard compliments an existing committee standard (E2002), with E3388 allowing for use of high energy x-rays. 

All interested parties are invited to join the radiology (X and gamma) method subcommittee that developed the new standard. The subcommittee is working on proposed standards, including a practice for visual and numeric determination of computed tomographic image quality (WK84836). 

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