Improving Spring Manufacturing

A new ASTM International standard will fill a longstanding need for a specification for cobalt-alloy spring wire.

According to ASTM International member Jan Edwards, springs made from cobalt alloy wire are used in many types of machinery, particularly oil and gas industry equipment. Spring manufacturers and buyers, as well as wire making – also known as wire drawing – companies will be the primary users of the new standard.

The new standard outlines the melt practices, composition, wire drawing, finish, quality, heat treatment, and mechanical properties (both pre- and post-heat treatment). This will help with quality control, procurement, and design of many spring sizes, particularly from 0.112 to 0.075 inches wide.

“Wire manufacturers will now be able to work to an industry standard,” says Edwards, vice president of marketing at Elgiloy Specialty Metals. “End users will use the standard to specify grade and heat treatment and to know finished properties.” 

The organization’s nonferrous metals and alloys committee (B02) developed the standard, which will soon be published as B1011.

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