Inspection of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Products

ASTM International’s nondestructive testing committee (E07) is developing a standard outlining a new test method for inspection of glass fiber-reinforced polymer products.

The method uses a microwave-based system that will make inspecting these products more accessible. The proposed standard itself (WK85608) details the basics of inspection, like equipment set-up, data acquisition, calibration, and analysis.

“This method lends itself to both manufacturing and in-situ inspection tasks because it is a non-contact method, and the small equipment size and low weight makes it easy to use in a portable configuration,” says ASTM International member Robert Stakenborghs. “One possible future application is a drone mounted system to allow for inspection of blade systems at height without direct human application.”

This effort directly relates to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #7 on clean energy, for the microwave inspection method’s potential use for wind turbines.

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