Labeling Specifications for Cannabinoid Products

ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) has approved a new standard that defines labeling specifications for consumer products containing cannabinoids.

According to ASTM member Darwin Millard, the new standard (D8449) is the first set of internationally harmonized label content specifications for consumer products containing cannabinoids to be published anywhere in the world.

Millard notes that the new standard will have many practical applications, including:

  • Defining specifications for what can and cannot be classified as a consumer product containing cannabinoids.
  • Defining the concept of a declaration of cannabinoids and how to present this information on a label.
  • Defining a standard means of verifying cannabinoid content label claims.
  • Outlining the specifications for making a cannabinoid dominance claim and how to verify this claim.
  • Outlining the specifications for making a cannabinoid ratio claim and how to verify this claim.

Millard says that producers will use the standard to help them design compliant labels for cannabinoid consumer products by outlining each required element and the format in which they are to be displayed on the product. Regulators may use the standard to help them define label content regulations when they don’t already exist and to help with revisions to label content regulations when they do. Finally, consumers will benefit from the standard’s harmonization of label content.

“Having the same information presented in the same manner across jurisdictions means consumers of products containing cannabinoids will have consistent information conveyed to them in a way they are familiar with,” says Millard. “This ensures consumers have the information they need to make an informed purchase decision, and will ultimately lead to increased consumer safety and confidence.” 

Millard notes that the committee plans to engage in continuous improvement of the new standard, and invites all interested parties to join them.

“We welcome regulators, producers, and consumers from around the world to give us feedback,” says Millard. “This is intended to be a living document to remain relevant throughout this ever-changing landscape.”

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