Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Corrosion Protection System

Owners and specifiers of steel building projects will be the primary users of a new ASTM International standard, A1068, Practice for Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Corrosion Protection Systems on Iron and Steel Products.

The new standard was developed by Subcommittee A05.13 on Structural Shapes and Hardware Specifications, part of ASTM International Committee A05 on Metallic-Coated Iron and Steel Products.

Thomas Langill, technical director, American Galvanizers Association, says that the new standard was developed in response to increased interest by public officials and state departments of transportation in sustainability and life cycle costs.

"The practical application of A1068 is to calculate the life cycle costs of different corrosion protection systems and compare them when making decisions on how to specify the system to be used on a particular project," says Langill. "Users can then see what maintenance costs will be needed to support their choice of corrosion protection systems over the service life of a steel project."

All interested parties are invited to join A05.13.

"A05.13 is always looking for participation in its standards development efforts from users and specifiers of steel corrosion protection systems to develop the tools and requirements that are needed for steel building projects," says Langill. The subcommittee currently has two proposed standards in the works:

  • WK28445, Specification for Zinc-Aluminum (Hot-Dip) Coatings on Iron and Steel Products.
  • WK32468, Specification for Hot Tin and Hot Tin/Lead Dip on Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals.

CONTACT Technical Information: Thomas J. Langill, American Galvanizers Association • Centennial, Colo. • Phone: 720-554-0900, ext. 14 • Email: O ASTM Staff: Rick Lake • Phone: 610-832-9689 • Email: O Upcoming Meeting: May 15-17 • May Committee Week • Anaheim, Calif.

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