Lithium-Ion Batteries to Power Ships

A new ASTM International standard provides guidelines for using lithium-ion batteries on ships. The organization’s ships and marine technology committee (F25) developed the standard (F3353).

ASTM International member Thane Gilman notes that the new standard was created primarily to support large lithium-ion battery installations, including those that may provide propulsion, ship’s service electrical power, and emergency power. 

“There is a substantial amount of technical information and guidance on traditional lead-acid battery installations but very little on lithium-ion batteries that could be used in the marine field,” says Gilman, senior mechanical engineer in the U.S. Coast Guard. “This standard was developed to help users recognize the differences between traditional battery installations and lithium-ion systems.”

He says the new standard could help manufacturers, regulatory bodies, shipyards, ship designers, and engineers involved with power systems and automation of ship propulsion or electrical systems.  

Ship engineers as well as battery, automation, and fire-protection experts are encouraged to join the committee’s continued work on this and other standards. Become a member of ASTM. The next meeting of the committee on ships and marine technology is June 5-6, in Denver, Colorado, USA.

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