Maintaining Cable Integrity

ASTM International's Committee D09 (Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials) invites anyone to join in developing a new standard to help maintain the integrity of cables during an emergency such as a fire.

Specifically, the proposed standard (WK52230, Test Method for Determination of Acid Gas Content of Wire and Cable Insulation or Jacket Material) will help determine the halogen content of flame retardant cables.

According to ASTM member Larry Ingram, who chairs the test method development subcommittee, during a fire, corrosive gases can destroy the electrical integrity of a circuit. This can affect fire alarms and other vital communications systems that protect life and property. Cable manufacturers, insulation-materials producers and testing laboratories will use the proposed standard to ensure that insulation and cable jackets protect against this corrosive damage. Notably, nuclear cables will be testable through the new standard.

Representatives of cable companies, material producers and testing laboratories are particularly encouraged to participate in the development of WK52330.

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. Become a member at

CONTACT Technical Information: Larry Ingram • Williamsport, Pa. • tel +1.570.916.8448 | ASTM Staff: Katerina Koperna • tel +1.610.832.9728 | Upcoming Meeting: April 14-15 • April Committee Week • San Antonio, Texas

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