Material Extrusion Processes

ASTM International’s additive manufacturing technologies committee (F42) approved a new standard guide for the use of layer-based material extrusion (MEX) processes in additive manufacturing (AM). 

MEX processes are used to fabricate polymer, or polymer composite, parts by depositing a filament or bead of material from an extrusion head. 

“The new standard will help product designers take advantage of the unique capabilities of material extrusion processes,” says ASTM International member David Rosen. “By following the design rules and guidelines offered in this guide, designers will learn how to design potentially novel, geometrically complex, high-performance parts.” 

Rosen notes the new standard (soon to be published as F3529) will help product designers, practitioners, and students to learn about the capabilities, benefits, and limitations of MEX processes as well as process-related limitations when designing parts. Finally, the standard will help managers to understand the opportunities afforded by MEX processes and their limitations when making decisions about product development and manufacturing resource needs. 

The additive manufacturing technologies committee welcomes all interested parties who would like to participate in the development of future design standards for specific AM processes and for specific application areas.  

“We are looking for people to help evaluate technologies that impact AM usage and applications, such as AM process simulation software, AM pre-processing software, post-processing technologies, and other topics,” says Rosen. 

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. JOIN ASTM. 

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