Metal Detector Standard Establishes Requirements

A new ASTM International standard establishes conformity assessment requirements for metal detectors used in safety and security applications. ASTM’s committee on security systems and equipment (F12) developed the new standard, now available as F3356.

In addition to developing the standard, the committee is working with the Safety Equipment Institute, an affiliate of ASTM International, to develop and launch a certification program for metal detectors. 

ASTM International member Nicholas Paulter notes that both manufacturers and users have long been interested in a documentary performance standard for metal detectors.

“This standard will help manufacturers have an objective and independent assessment of how their products compare and give users a means of comparing products to suit their needs,” says Paulter. “The manufacturers are also concerned with knock-offs that resemble their products but do not perform well. They believe a conformity program will help users/purchasers distinguish between their products and knock-offs.”

The conformity assessment described in the new standard will be based on baseline performance requirements and associated test methods and test objects that are described in ASTM standards on both hand-worn (F3020) and hand-held (F3278) metals detectors used in safety and security. 

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