Metal Determination Standard

A proposed ASTM International standard will help in analysis for trace metals using air and wipe sampling practices. ASTM’s air quality committee (D22) is developing the proposed standard (WK72704). 

The proposed standard covers the digestion of airborne and surface dust samples (collected using air and wipe sample practices) and associated quality control samples for the determination of metals using a mixture of dilute ammonium bifluoride and nitric acid.

“The proposed standard is intended for the digestion of metals found in airborne dust and dust wipe samples collected during various activities performed in and around workplaces, buildings, and related structures,” says ASTM International Subcommittee D22.12 chair Kenneth T. (Kenn) White, principal, Consultive Services.

According to White, using ammonium bifluoride and nitric acid has worked well in the digestion of some metal salts, but the application has needed to be standardized.  

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