Moisture Assessment in Commercial Buildings

ASTM International’s environmental assessment, risk management and corrective action committee (E50) has revised a key standard guide for moisture assessment in commercial buildings.

The committee’s latest revision is the standard’s (E3026) first major revision since its publication in 2015. The guide aims to help professionals who conduct general facility assessments in areas such as architecture, engineering, and more.

“The standard provides a practical baseline guide for evaluating not only the presence and causes of observed moisture, but also for documenting conditions that could lead to future moisture problems,” says ASTM member Jim E. Bartlett, senior vice president of Bureau Veritas Group.

The primary change focuses on expanding the assessment process beyond the visual, to include observations from touch, smell, and sound. Its name has thus been changed from “Visual Moisture Assessment” to “Limited Moisture Assessment.”

The revision also incorporates updated definitions of terms, revised interview and field questionnaires, and overall streamlining.

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