New Proficiency Testing Program for Biodiesel Blend

ASTM International has developed a new proficiency testing program for biodiesel blend. Proficiency testing programs allow labs to compare their performance with others, ultimately helping all participants improve their performance.

The program provides laboratories with a statistical quality assurance tool, enabling them to compare, improve, and maintain, a high level of performance in the use of ASTM International methods with other labs worldwide.Many labs also use the program to help gain lab accreditation.

The first cycle will take place in March (register here), with the others taking place in July and November. Each participating lab will receive a one gallon can containing a blend of B100 biodiesel and diesel fuel for each of the three test cycles conducted during the year and will measure and analyze acidity, density, flash point, and other properties.

Testing must be performed within the participant’s lab facilities. A lab does not need to perform all the tests within the program to participate. The annual registration fee must be paid in advance.

In addition, ASTM International also announced the expansion of two existing programs for cetane and octane to six cycles.

About 5,000 laboratories use ASTM International’s statistical quality assurance tools in the proficiency testing programs. For more information, visit


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