New Standard Helps Determine Sulfur Types in Coal

A new ASTM International standard provides an effective way to determine the different forms of sulfur in coal.

This test method helps separate coal-associated sulfur into two common forms: pyritic and sulfate. Results from the test method are used to evaluate coal preparation and process operations that help reduce coal sulfur levels.

According to ASTM member Colin Campbell, consultant at CCI Consulting, the new test method is based on a preexisting ASTM standard for forms of sulfur in coal (D2492) but focuses on reducing the required sample sizes.

Specifically, the gravimetric and atomic absorption detection methods used in D2492 are replaced in the new standard with inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectroscopy (ICP-AES).

ASTM’s committee on coal and coke (D05) developed the new standard, which will soon be published as D8214.

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