Plastic Film Thickness

A proposed ASTM International standard will help measure the thickness of plastic film. The new standard (WK54333, Test Method for Measuring Plastic Film with a Non Contact Capacitance Gauge) will support quality control and production of these films.

"Plastic films are everywhere in our society," says ASTM member Doug Lawrence. "This proposed standard will help produce thinner and higher quality films. This is great for the sustainability goals of the industry as manufacturers push to reduce material use and waste."

Lawrence, president of SolveTech Inc., says that the test method will help plastic film producers in two ways. First, it will help in getting precise and accurate measurements on thin films. Second, it will allow for a reproducible set of data points on film samples that correctly characterizes the extrusion process (in both the cross web and machine direction).

Lawrence believes that manufacturers, converters, buyers, laboratories, and regulators will benefit from the test method due to its repeatability and reliability for single point and point-to-point measurements. In addition, the standard includes a greatly improved way to correctly characterize the film process.

All interested parties are invited to participate in the development of the proposed standard.

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