Polyamide-12 Materials, Pipe, and Fittings

New standard practices and specifications developed by ASTM International’s plastic piping systems committee (F17establish requirements and test methods for polyamide-12 (PA12) materials, pipe, and fittings.

PA12 line pipe is made using polyamide-12, a specialty type of nylon plastic with exceptional strength and durability compared to other plastics used in pressure piping systems. 

The new standard specification, soon to be published as F3524, covers PA12 used in pressurized crude oil and gas gathering networks and industrial pressure piping applications because of its exceptional resistance to corrosion damage and related failures that can result in leaks and spills of hazardous liquids.

“This plastic material has exceptionally tough properties that are unique to PA12,” says Jim Mason, president of Mason Materials Development LLC. “The new standard practice will allow the industry to use this durable material instead of corrosion-susceptible steels to improve health, safety, and environmental performance.”

PA12 is highly resistant to loss of strength caused by absorbed liquid hydrocarbons which offer pipeline designers the option of smaller diameters and thinner walls to achieve the same flow rates compared to conventional polyethylene-based piping systems currently in use.

This new specification sets requirements for PA12 pipe and fittings for use in these industrial applications and gives guidance to engineers and designers on proper use of the material. According to Mason, the proposed standards will be most useful to oil and gas producers, pipeline designers and operators, and pipeline safety regulatory bodies. JOIN ASTM.

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