Preventing Aluminum Corrosion

A proposed ASTM International standard aims to help industries obtain properly coated thermal spray aluminum coated carbon steel pipe, used to mitigate corrosion under insulation.

ASTM’s steel, stainless steel, and related alloys committee (A01) is developing the proposed standard (WK67493), which was originally created by a project team within the Materials Technology Institute (MTI). MTI is an organization that works to solve materials engineering issues common to the process industries.

“Corrosion under piping insulation is a significant issue in the chemical process industries and is a focus of many of the member companies of MTI,” says ASTM International member Paul Whitcraft, the executive director of MTI. “The proposed standard identifies requirements for surface preparation, thermal spray application, inspection, and testing.”

Incorporating these requirements in an ASTM standard will benefit the industry by having uniform guidelines that could promote safety and reliability throughout operating plants worldwide,” adds Whitcraft. In addition, he notes that chemical producers will be the most likely users of the proposed standard once it has been approved.

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