Property Management for Subcontractors

ASTM has published a new guide to help large organizations manage property used by their contractors and subcontractors. The standard (E3015, Guide for Management of Customer-Owned Property Assets in Possession of Supplier, Contractor or Subcontractor) will be useful to federal agencies, government contractors and other large entities that furnish property for their suppliers.

According to ASTM member Richard Culbertson, each stage in a property's life cycle (acquisition, use, disposition) is evaluated based on internal controls such as effective and efficient operations; reliable financial and operational reporting; and compliance with laws and regulations. The new guide will help improve processes and reduce costs in each of these areas.

"The general public should understand and demand good internal controls from entities, including government entities," says Culbertson. "The vital signs of good internal controls should be known, understood and expected in the same way that medical vital signs such as temperature, blood pressure and heart rate are. There is strength and value in common understanding."The standard will be especially useful to government contractors who have subcontractors that use government property and to businesses with large contracts that require providing property to subcontractors or suppliers.

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