Proposed Standard Supports Titanium Bars for Strengthening Bridges

ASTM International’s committee on reactive and refractory metals and alloys (B10) is developing a proposed standard (WK63793) that allows titanium alloy bars to be used as near-surface mounts in civil structures.

The specific application for this new standard is for titanium near surface mounts in civil structures. These near surface mounts are used to repair and strengthen concrete bridge girders, which extend the life of older bridges. Techniques including the use of titanium near surface mounts offer an effective solution in the repair of deficient civil structures in the United States and globally.

ASTM International member Jill Adkins, infrastructure development manager at the Perryman Company, noted that there are no specifications covering this use for titanium. The proposed standard will be an internationally recognized material specification that can be used as a reference document in design guides and individual statedepartment of transportation (DOT) specifications along with other governing bodies such as the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

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