Reducing Contamination and Costs in Plastic Pipe Production

A proposed ASTM International standard aims to use best practices to prevent contamination in manufacturing polyethylene pipe and fittings. The proposed standard (WK56697) is being developed by ASTM International’s committee on plastic piping systems (F17).

According to ASTM International member Eugene Palermo, manufacturers could use the standard to prevent contamination from virgin resin, reprocessed pipe (rework), and other sources during production. Supporting the responsible use of rework and other materials provides an additional benefit of limiting waste and reducing costs.

“With this standard, the manufacturer would control the process to prevent contamination from all sources,” says Palermo, president of Palermo Plastics Pipe Consulting. “Once the standard is completed, it can be brought forward to organizations such as NSF International for guidelines in plant audits. It can also be brought to regulatory bodies that may control the amount of rework in PE pipe.”

Pipe buyers and users could also find the standard helpful due to the planned inclusion of a checklist for a plant audit.

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