Risk Assessment for Amusement Rides and Devices

ASTM International’s amusement rides and devices committee (F24) is developing a proposed standard (WK78433) that will establish requirements and guidance for risk assessment for amusement rides and devices by specifying basic terminology, principles and methodology.

“The proposed standard applies to design for development of new rides and devices, as well as design for modifications to existing rides and devices,” says ASTM member Joe Van Dam, PE, Disney Global Engineering & Technology. “Systems used in the amusement industry are often similar to those used in the machine industry, such as manufacturing and packaging. The proposed standard uses risk assessment practices of the machine industry, while outlining a process that is tailored to the amusement industry.”

According to Van Dam, the standard incorporates a scalable process so that it can apply to all amusement rides and devices, from kiddie rides to huge roller coasters to zip lines. The standard can be applied to fixed installations, as well as portable rides and devices.

“The task group developing WK78433 seeks to provide a method to capture issues through a documented and auditable process for designers, manufacturers, owners, and operators to create safe systems,” says Van Dam.

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