Safety of Connected Consumer Products

A new ASTM International standard will help ensure the safety of connected consumer products, including the Internet of Things: physical objects embedded with sensors, software and other technologies that enable connectivity. The standard will be used to test and evaluate connected consumer products to prevent cybersecurity vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could compromise safety-related performance and create a safety hazard.

ASTM’s consumer products committee (F15) developed the standard (F3463). 

“In the development of products capable of being connected through a network such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, designers need to take steps to ensure that safety hazards are not introduced to the product by nature of its connectivity,” says ASTM International member Don Mays, chief safety and quality officer, Samsung Electronics America. “The new standard will help stakeholders take into consideration best practices for safety assurance.”

According to Mays, manufacturers, conformity assessment laboratories, regulatory agencies, retailers, and consumers will all benefit from the new standard. Mays also notes that all interested parties are welcome to join the committee in planning future improvements to the standard as connected products become more prevalent.

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