In Situ Rock Deformation Test

ASTM International’s soil and rock committee (D18) has developed a new standard that will help in the construction of tunnels, concrete dams, and bridges. 

According to ASTM International member Jack Touseull, the new standard (D8359) describes a flexible volumetric dilatometer test that is run inside a borehole in rock with a cylindrical probe that expands radially to determine the in situ deformability properties of rock formations.   

“The new standard will be useful to authors on topics covering rock dilatometers for rock mechanics, geological engineering, and engineering geology journals and conferences,” says Touseull, geological engineer, U.S. Department of Interior Bureau of Reclamation. “It is another tool for rock testing personnel to provide in situ rock data for private and government engineering firms and contractors responsible for designing, developing specifications for drilled shafts or caissons, as well as tunnel linings, dam foundations, excavations, and bridge/arch supports in rock."

Touseull notes that interested parties working in rock mechanics are invited to help the soil and rock committee in the further development of the new standard , as well as in the development of other proposed rock standards. Further improvements envisioned for D8359 will be to include more on cyclic loading and obtaining other in situ properties. 

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