Specification for Large Pipe Diameters

A new ASTM International standard describes specifications for crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) pipe used to transport water, gas, and other applications. ASTM’s plastics piping systems committee (F17) developed the standard, which will soon be published as F3373. 

PEX pipe is often selected to be used in aggressive environments, such as very low or very high temperatures, or for installations that require high resistance to slow crack growth, such as sandless backfill (including rocks) or horizontal directional drilling. 

“Crosslinked polyethylene pipe has been used internationally in large pipe diameters for a variety of applications, such as water, gas distribution, and gas gathering,” says ASTM International member Dr. Gene Palermo, Palermo Plastics Pipe Consulting. “The most common method of joining PEX pipe that is used in these applications is polyethylene (PE) electrofusion fittings. The new standard covers these large diameter PE electrofusion fittings used with PEX pipe.” 

Palermo notes that utilities who specify and install large diameter plastic pipe, such as PEX pipe, will benefit from this new ASTM standard. 

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