Stormwater Catch Basin Filters

A proposed new ASTM International standard will offer a means to reduce the impact of contaminated stormwater entering local drains. WK45326, Specification for Stormwater Catch Basin Filter, will aid community developments, sports facilities, fairgrounds, stadiums and factories in complying with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency clean water initiatives.

"Inlet protection has become part of every stormwater pollution prevention plan," says ASTM member Jonathan Sickels, national engineering and applications manager, Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. "When these measures are not implemented properly, this can lead to job site flooding, erosion and hazardous road conditions. Additionally, when various inlet protection devices become clogged, disturbed soils and construction site pollutants can run off toward neighboring storm drains, ponds, lakes and rivers."

WK45326 describes a fully sustainable framing system for high efficiency geotextile sediment bags used as a structural best management practice for stormwater inlet protection. The replaceable geotextile bag provides a flow rating of 200 gallons per minute per square foot [140 L/(s.m2)]of material and retains a minimum of 80 percent of construction site runoff, including clay, silt, sand and gravel.

WK45326 is being developed by Subcommittee D35.03 on Permeability and Filtration, part of ASTM International Committee D35 on Geosynthetics. All interested parties are invited to join in the standards developing activities of D35.

CONTACT Technical Information: Jonathan Sickels, Advanced Drainage Systems Inc. • Hilliard, Ohio • Phone: 904-347-3311 | ASTM Staff: Katerina Koperna • Phone: 610-832-9728 | Upcoming Meeting: Jan. 28-30, 2015 • January Committee Week • New Orleans, La.

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