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ASTM International’s cannabis committee (D37) has developed a new practice for supplier lifecycle management.

The new standard (D8477) provides cannabis and hemp operations with the definitive steps covering seven key supplier lifecycle activities. According to ASTM member Ed Nodland of Jet Stream Innovations, supplier management is critical to ensure the safety of consumable cannabis products, the components that go into the products, and the consistent quality and availability of medicinal products. 

“Medicinal and adult-use consumers expect products that they can trust are safe, perform as advertised, and are readily available,” says Nodland. “Supply chain disruptions can result in costly safety issues, rework, delays, recalls, and impact to company reputation.”

This new standard includes the steps for preparing and conducting efficient supplier audits along with an appendix of audit questions that can be adjusted to meet a cannabis operation’s specific needs. 

The committee’s quality management systems subcommittee is developing a complete set of quality management practices and guides to support good agriculture, manufacturing, and laboratory practices known as GAP, GMP, and GLP that are increasingly being required by local and national regulations around the world.

ASTM welcomes participation in the development of its standards. JOIN ASTM. The next meeting of ASTM’s cannabis committee is Jan. 22-24, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

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ASTM International is a not-for-profit nongovernmental organization that develops voluntary consensus standards and defers to appropriate government authorities to determine the legal and regulatory framework regarding the control and use of cannabis.

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