Surface Skid Resistance

ASTM International’s vehicle-pavement systems committee (E17) is developing a proposed standard that will help measure skid resistance for a wide variety of surfaces. The proposed standard describes the procedure for using portable continuous reading, fixed-slip measuring equipment (CFME) to measure skid resistance. 

The proposed standard (WK66334) will help manufacturers and national and local authorities to establish reliable and accurate surface friction standards and an inspection frequency based on a fast and reliable measurement system.  

ASTM International member Scott Fritz says that using walking speed CFME allows for skid resistance measurement to be done in areas in which high-speed CFME can’t be used, for safety reasons or lack of suitable operating space.  

“Walking speed CFME machines weigh only 50 pounds and are easily transported to inspection and testing areas,” says Fritz, business development director, SARSYS-ASFT, Inc. “The machine can measure both dry and wet surfaces in summer or winter.” 

Fritz notes that, among other entities, CFME is used by racing teams to identify slippery spots and racetracks, while car and tire manufacturers use CFME on test tracks. CFME can also be used to determine how much salt is required on bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways to prevent saltwater contamination in protected habitat areas. 

Types of surfaces that can be measured by CFME include: 

  • Helicopter pads,
  • Roads,
  • Runways,
  • Bus lanes,
  • Bicycle paths,
  • Bridges,
  • Pedestrian walkways,
  • Parking lots, and more. 

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